We are pleased to announce the shortlist for Wigtown Poetry Prizes 2023



Wigtown Prize



Gillian Dawson - A Journey to the Interior of the Earth


Robert Duncan - My Aunt Betty


Stephanie Green - Lilias


Anita John - April Lambing


Rachel Rankin - Winter Solstice


John Wheway - My Mother Unwraps My Gift of Frida Kahlo’s Me and My Parrots




Wigtown Scots Prize



Craig Aitchison - Juist


Helen Cross - Junkie Lust


Fiona Frank - The Auld Words


Keeks Mc - Peer Breiths




Wigtown Scottish Gaelic Prize





Seonaidh Charity - Mapaichean


Marcas Mac an Tuairneir - Ainneamhag Gheal


Mairi MacLeod - An Geama


Marion F Morrison - An Dealbh as Fhearr do dh'Astràilia


Tia Thomson - Thus' air mo chuimhne




Alastair Reid Pamphlet Prize



Jill Abram - Ensō


Arthur Allen - Some Things I Do Not Know


Anjali Suzanne Angel  - Exile


Stephanie Green - Ortelius’s Sea Monsters


Steve May - Hunter’s Moon


Jane McBeth - extracts from a haibun-style poem cycle


Sarah Stewart - You Ask Why I Seldom Ask About Men




Dumfries & Galloway Fresh Voice Award






Robin Leiper - Sunshine Against Shadow


Jane McBeth   - That Day


Diane Schofield - One Moonless Night